Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well It's that time of Year again, Clear Lake here we are.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What has happened? WOW! so very much from the last time, I was here. I'm not even sure I can still remember how to do this blog thing. Just going to do a test here, with short update. Getting ready for boat season again, time between last entry & now, would take WAY to long to update. I'll go there maybe later. For now, this is it. Took the boat to Lake Paris for a test run, before vacation begins, it was nice, everything working well, had some sore tire kids after. These two just crashed on the way home. Awesome! Ema & Jill (Jim) ha ha

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Let's just say, they were all busy. End of School, Beginning of Summer, YSA Leadership conference, Beach parties, Corn Roast, Lake Havasu, Closing of the Car Wash, spending time in the ER & Hospital, Road work on our street to fix a water leek, Still walking in the wetlands, our very favorite restaurant closed:(, and on and on it goes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where did April go? Or HOLY COW what an April.

The month of April has truly been a busy one. What the heck! It went by so very fast. There was General Conference, which is always a treat, then, Bryan turned 16, and got his drivers license. Went to the Temple several times, weddings, more painters at our house, singles ward activities, road rally, High priest social, BYU Woman's Conference, Trip to Utah, Vanessa had another birthday, friendship Amish bread all over the kitchen, planning another wedding for Katie & Jake. Easter, garden planting, more rain, more wind, some sunshine. Young Men went hiking, with excitement to boot.
And on and on and on....... yikes, I know I have left out so much. But this is how life is going now. Faster, more happenings, bigger events, lots of stuff going on. How do we even keep up anymore? We enjoyed a day at the Getty Center Museum which had some really beautiful gardens.
The days of simplicity are gone. Too much to do, not enough time, gotta cut some stuff out, but what? It ALL seems to be important. Prioritize: to arrange items in order of priority. WOW! items. Humm. That is where the LIST comes in that I am so famous for. LOL "Get er' done".

Also Enjoyed the Road Rally with the Singles it was a Treasure Hunt with home made root beer, yummy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Joke! I will learn this sport..

The end of March was a awesome trip to Scottsdale, AZ. to play golf, yes, golf, I learned, that even in golf you have to do yard work. What the heck. I did get out of the bunker though.

Nothing but fun. Never thought I would be doing this. Never say never. Had a great time.

Yep, I guess everyone has a chance in the sand. Why else would they be on a golf course?

Enjoyed the beginning of Spring. I hope! I am ready for the sun shine, here in SO. California too.

Guess these guys, have a challenge now, I am going to get really good. Learn all I can, and smash that beast!

Pool side was of course fun too. To just relax by the pool. What a treat.
Can't wait to do it again.

Now if the weather would just warm up, we can get the boat out and enjoy some more Spring, and Summer events. Looking forward to it all.

Only washed a few balls, not to bad, for a beginner. I will get it. Look out guys, I may show you up someday.

What's with the smug look Kenny? Afraid? You should be, I am on a roll.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LETS GET IT DONE & It's nice to have good friends.

Here it is March 2010, so much has been happening this month all ready. We haven't taken any trips, but, alot of excitement around here has been happening for the past few weeks. Messes made, messes cleaned up, & lots of work done & of course one thing always leads to another and so it goes.

We began the month with painters, in and around inside the living room, entry, dinning, stairs, halls, front door outside, lots of windows and doors. Strong fumes, for a few days, and a lot of mess. BUT.....

We had a great crew, on the job. (Matt Dean Painting, Inc.)

I would definitely have them again, and recommend them.

Oh my goodness, These projects always take so much work and time, and make it almost unbearable for a bit, until it's finally finished.


Then had the marble/granite master bathroom diamond sanded down and polished, upon doing so the glass shower wall had to be removed and restored afterward. What a job that was, so yet another crew came in for that. Having them here, I then decided to grind down and polish the kitchen counters granite as well.

We had a very kind friend and Bishop of our singles ward, repair our stove ignition mechanize that hasn't worked for years.
Thanks to Bishop Gary Brunner & dear friend & his wife Kathy

Nice to finally turn the switch and have a burner actually lite on it's
own. No more fire starters.

Thanks to Mike. Thanks to Logan Cope, READY CLEAN & Cory, with Cory Spafford Construciton

While the other Romberg Family (Kevin Romberg's) were on their trip for 5 days, and away, I got Ken to agree to help me with another bathroom in need of new flooring and so we began what I thought would be a quick and easy job, having done much tiling before together.

As it turned out the floor base needed to be scraped down as there was damage and that included tearing out the toilet, shower doors, and removing and sanding & painting the vanity drawers and doors. These are the before photo's of the floor, vanity, shower, toilet.

Here is Ken once again on his knee's. (Probably praying I am not conjuring up another project) I am such a slave driver.

Work in progress, coming along nicely......

It turned out extremely nice, for 2 people that are not officially trained in the field!


Knowing we had been in the house 15 years, as of Dec. 2009, we got to the fact that our water heater might be in need of a change so upon checking that we determined that the tag on it said, it was 20 years old, and opted to get a plumber out to help us decide what to do. Yes, a new water heater system was in bad need. Boy it's good to know people who do good things.

So "TWANDA" aka: Valerie gets started, as most of my family know I am really good at tearing things up, sometimes only to find a pro. is needed to fix my messes.

The old water heater was just on the edge of getting ready to blow. Very rusted out. This is one project we decided needed the expert in his field. SO......Yet another mess was made to clean up.

The team! advertisement Darin.
Thanks to Ravco Plumbing Inc. & Crew

When they came to remove it, sure enough it was almost rusted clean through.

Oh my goodness what a mess that could have been if it had broken. LOTS! of water would have gone......throughout the whole garage, yikes.

So we put in 2 new tank-less systems, and had to order a water softener to be installed (at a later date) when it arrives.

Of course as I said, one thing leads to another, and a new larger, gas line was in need of installation for this particular system for this house.
Just a side note:
Logan Cope, READY CLEAN you will be getting a call very soon!

I am so tired just thinking about the last 3 weeks, we have been in quite a clear it out, clean it up mode.
cleaning around here has begun early, and taken on a whole new meaning and hopefully will end soon. This will be the beginning of a year we won't soon forget.

Tomorrow, March 13th we will host the Kari Rall/ David Lawrence "Open House" for a newly sealed couple in our Singles Ward, where else here at our home. READY SET GO! After Sat. we will have the Goldenwest Ward Singles at our home for FHE, & St. Pat's Day Potluck.

THEN we will be ready for a VACATION!!! ANYWHERE!!!

The month of March I have noticed is only 12 days in what will I do with the last few weeks of March?
Don't worry I will think of something! he he he (shhhh! don't tell Ken)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glamis Pres. Day 2010

Everyone just wants to have fun, and we did. Glamis was amazing this holiday, if you were not able to come this time, maybe next trip. I think I speak for all, when I say, Quad, Rhino, Razor, Trailer, Motor Home, Tent's, Rails or just relaxing in the sun we had it all and lots of good food, family, friends. All in all it was a really awesome trip. Enjoy photo's on my Picasa web Album.